Saweng fabricates steel structures, providing components for clients or complete products.
The competences and current activities include:
      Bending, cutting and punching.
      Milling and grinding
      Welding: MIG and arc welding. (Aluminium and steel)
      Surface treatment, including galvanizing, electroplating and painting.
      Assembly and finishing of products.
Saweng provides fabricated products to customer specifications, drawings and sketches, but is able to assist with design and drawings too, from concept to drawings and from prototypes to manufacturing.
Feel free to contact Saweng with your requirements, whether it's a simple product or a complex machine.

Engineering design
Saweng's competences in mechanical engineering design are broad, and include:
      Mechanical engineering design, e.g. factory interior, thermal and mechanical plants and processes.
      Lifting devices. Including lifting beams, portal cranes etc., to any relevant standard, e.g. BS.
      Detailed drawings in CAD.
Project management
With extensive experience in project management, Saweng assist or carry out any mechanical or outsourcing project. Whether the project is small or large, Saweng has got the resources and skills to assist customers locally, especially within thermal and mechanical engineering projects and outsourcing/offshoring projects. Saweng carry out all tasks, including:
      Initiation; definition of strategy and project organisation.
      Implementation; cost estimation, budgeting, scheduling, allocation of resources and control of project.
      Commissioning; auditing and evaluation, decommissioning.
Outsourcing/offshoring of business processes
As outsourcing and offshoring of business processes are increasing for many reasons, e.g. reduction of costs, access to Asian markets, resource increase etc., Saweng provides support in the following areas:
      Process consultancy, advising which strategic steps to take and implement in the process of moving          business to Thailand
      Production of steel  and plastic products. Advise about local supply, labour and supporting services.
      Business advise regarding legal policies and Board of Investment (BOI) opportunities.
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Ph.: +66 (2) 319 1579- 80,  Fax +66 (2) 319 1581

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!0 % of all companies in Europe are outsourcing production
Saweng Engineering covers two main service areas: fabrication and consultancy.
The inhouse fabrication service provides customers with steel products, usually on a subcontractor basis, whereas the consultancy service assists customers with mechanical engineering, project management and the process of offshoring. These services are connected and complement each other, fulfilling the needs of outsourcing business processes to a low-cost country; either to reduce production cost, gain access to Asian markets or both.