Saweng Engineering provides services in outsourced steel fabrication and mechanical engineering. Quality, commitment and engineering excellence are the major strengths of Saweng, focusing on customers that require cost effectiveness without compromise. Saweng is a division of WAS Trading Corporation, having had own production facilities in Thailand since 1997.
Saweng is the ideal outsourcing partner for supply of complete assembled products or components, providing the right quality on time at the right price. The workshop has been continuously improved to fulfill increasing demands for volume and quality over time, and will continue to do so.
Through skills in design, fabrication and a comprehensive network, Saweng provides a complete package for our customers:
      In-house fabrication
      Design services, particularly mechanical, thermal and machine products
      A comprehensive network of local specialist suppliers
      Project management
      Outsourcing/offshoring advise and consultancy services
Customer demands have evolved into a number of diversified product lines over time, including:
      Steel frames
      Lifting devices
      Transportation devices
      Machines and installations for special purposes
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